About Us


Candex Inc founding partners have been dedicated global health and nutrition specialists for over 20 years and are passionate about improving health and overall well-being above all. We combine the best knowledge in modern western science with the traditional and effective natural treatments from eastern and oriental civilizations to create Oriwest private label products.



At Oriwest, our mission has always remained the same: to supply the finest, purest, health related product at honest, competitive prices. Our dedication to customer service means we aim to ensure that every time our customers deal with Oriwest, it is a pleasant and memorable experience but most of all, beneficial to their individual global health and wellness.



Founded in 1996 to support worldwide distribution of the finest health products. Oriwest is now a leading wholesale supplier of quality health products around the world. Our volume purchases through our Worldwide Purchasing System enable us to offer the largest selection of superior quality health products at affordable prices. We have a wide variety of pack sizes to meet all of your specific needs large or small.

We spare no effort to maintain the high quality of our materials and ingredients. Our buyers constantly travel around the world to ensure that our suppliers meet stringent quality standards. This enables us to unconditionally guarantee that all of our products are sourced from quality suppliers of materials and ingredients. Certificate of Analysis and Specifications are available upon request. All of our products are ethically produced and are free from any chemicals or harmful ingredients.


  • To supply our clients with the finest health products and ethically produced natural materials and specialty packaging.
  • To cater to the needs of our diverse clientele by offering a variety of products to improve a healthy lifestyle.
  • To offer honest and competitive prices made possible by our
  • Worldwide Central Purchasing.
  • To constantly research and source new products that meet our customers' growing health needs and concerns.
  • To offer the highest levels of Customer Service backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.