Aromatherapy Blends for Yogis

Enhance your practice and engage your senses with aromatherapy for yoga!

Express and Uplift
Energize your yoga session with this bright blend of oils! Perfect for an awakening morning practice.

Breathe Deep
Inhale, exhale. Concentrate on your breathing with this mentally-empowering blend.

Center and Grounding
Find your center with this soothing blend. Great for stability and core practice!

Strengthen and Stabilize
Develop physical and mental strength with this enhancing blend at your next practice.

Calm and Relax
For those pre-bedtime poses, this blend promotes maximum relaxation.

All of these recipes are simply made and can be added to any Oriwest Essential Oils Diffuser. The Ultrasonic Aurora Diffuser is beautifully made, and even complements the room as a decorative piece! Add the prescribed number of drops to your diffuser to try aromatherapy for yoga with these essential oil recipes.

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