Keep it Simple. Keep it Uncluttered. Keep it Zen

It is important to keep your life and your mind as zen and uncluttered as possible, especially in today’s technology driven world. Try to keep your space, physical and mental, as uncluttered as possible to ensure that there is room to fill it with what really matters most. A life that isn’t constantly filled with stress and rushing, but filled instead with contemplation and creation, will allow you to connect with the people that matter and allow you time for beautiful nature and activities.

Here are a few of thoughts and tips and ideas to “zen-ify” your soul:

  • Clutter in your home and work space can lead to a cluttered mind. These visual distractions pull on us in more ways than we realize. Take 10 minutes a day to work on uncluttering one area at a time.
  • Letting go of something can be difficult, but is easier if you do a weekly or monthly challenge. Let go of something for a short time period and see if you really miss it.
  • It’s better to have 10 books on your shelf that you’re actually going to read than to have a hundred you will never get around to.
  • When you travel, do it lightly. You’re freer, less burdened and less tired. You’ll be able to focus on the beauty of your destination.
  • A quiet unrushed morning is a thing to treasure. Wake up an hour earlier and reward yourself with some quiet time to read, write or meditate.
  • Shopping isn’t always a reward. It could be a waste of time and money. Don’t go to the store without a plan and a budget.
  • Keep your weekends a unstructured and unscheduled as possible so that you have room for the little things that are so important: reading with your kids, going for a walk, taking a nap.
  • Your attention is your most valuable possession. Give it as a gift to the people you love most, and don’t waste it on virtual friends and social media.


Remember, it’s easy to fill up our lives because there are so many things that sound amazing and tempting to take on. We hear about what others are doing and instantly want to add that to our lives. Next time you’re tempted, ask yourself: “By adding this specific activity/friend/item to my life, will it benefit me in 1 year from now.” If the answer is no, then move on.


Keep it simple.

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